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circuitsOrganized tours of the travel agency Sveta Ana are the result of a fine selection of touristic sites, accommodation facilities and transportation. They represent a complete symbiosis resulting from our field experience, customer tastes, our love of the country and your dreams.

Mosaic of landscapes and local identities are so rich that Croatia can offer a wide range of travel themes.


Whether you are a travel agency, an association, a business corporation, a school, a group of special interests, a family, friends or a couple, please check below our basic topics to help you to design your travel (just click on the links in red). Send us your wishes by filling in the form at the bottom of the page and we will send you a proposal as soon as possible, providing a personalized and high quality service. Sveta Ana travel also offers convenient and secure payment facilities (direct or credit card payments).

voyagesDiscovery travel: The Balkans is one of those areas of the world that writes History. It is omnipresent and shapes the mesh of local identities. The traveller can find completely different worlds on very short distances. Just Croatia has 5 cities ranked in the World Heritage of UNESCO! The richness of different landscapes enables to create trips where every day is a surprise!

relaxationReligious travel: The Adriatic Sea and the Balkans are the way that have taken all the great religions of the Mediterranean Sea : Christianity, Orthodoxy and Islam, and at the same time, the effect of their meeting, one of the cradles of the great changes in History . Visiting the Balkans is to enter into the essence of mysticism and religious reflection. They also offer a large number of pilgrimage places like Medjugorje, Trsat, Marija Bistrica, Ostrog ...

voyagesRelaxation travel: What is better than enjoying the sun on a beach watching a turquoise sea! The Croatian coast has a long tradition of hospitality for beach holidays with a variety of accommodation facilities: private accommodations, pensions, hotels ... The cure, wellness and spa activities are well developed and enriched by microclimates that already have attracted the European elite in the late 19th century. The agency Sveta Ana also offers a wide choice of excursions for cultural, gastronomic, leisure and outdoor activities. Complete the form below indicating the words "holiday stay" and the destination of your choice: main holiday locations are Dubrovnik, Split / Trogir, Šibenik, Istria or islands such as Korčula, Hvar, Brač, Pag or Krk. Tell us if you also want to give a special colour to your travel experience.

voyagesOutdoor travel: Croatia and its neighboring countries have a surprising number of protected natural parks. The low population density due to the configuration of the Dinaric Mountains resulted in almost intact fauna and flora.

Croatian waters, land and sea, are among the cleanest of the Mediterranean Sea and Europe. The combination of sea and mountains offers the possibility of hiking trips for all levels and rich in colours.
Croatia is a country whose athletic prowess has not to be proven. The country loves sports and is particularly well equipped in all disciplines: rafting, rock climbing, sea kayaking, jet skiing, diving, paintball, adrenaline parks ...

These activities can be integrated into a holiday stay or a roundtrip as excursions but may also be subject of a particular program ...

voyagesVoyages nature et sportifs : La Croatie et ses pays voisins comptent un nombre surprenant de parcs naturels protégés. La faible densité humaine due à la configuration montagneuse des chaines dinariques a fait qu’aujourd’hui la faune et la flore sont quasiment intactes.

Les eaux de Croatie, continentales et maritimes, sont parmi les plus pures de Méditerranée et d’Europe. La combinaison entre mer et montagne offre la possibilité de circuits de randonnée de tous niveaux et très riches en couleurs.

La Croatie est un pays dont les prouesses sportives ne sont plus à prouver. Le pays aime le sport et est particulièrement bien équipé dans toutes les disciplines : rafting, escalade, kayak de mer, jet ski, plongée, paintball, parcs d’adrénaline… Ces activités peuvent s’intégrer comme excursions dans un circuit ou un séjour mais peuvent aussi faire l’objet de tout un programme …

voyagesFair trade and sustainable tourism: travelling is also meeting people, associations, artisans, entrepreneurs that shape the identity of a country and participate in its social evolution, protect its resources and contribute to its economic development. Tourism is an incredible tool to create solidarity links, friendly to man.

voyagesCruises: One of the greatest treasures of Croatia is its archipelago, one of the highest densities of islands in the world! Discover this magical universe with the Dalmatian typical ships "trabakul" 10 to 16 cabins with living rooms, kitchen and open terraces or as individual by renting sailboats with two, three or four cabins with skipper and hostess. This formula gives a lot of freedom because the boat can stop in remote villages that have kept the Mediterranean spirit or crystalline coves for swimming..


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